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Buddha To Buddha 'Chain Big' Sterling Silver Handmade Bracelet

Buddha To Buddha 'Chain Big' Sterling Silver Handmade Bracelet

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Buddha to Buddha was founded in 1997 by Batul Loomans. Loomans embarked on a meditation journey to Southeast Asia to search for a deeper meaning of life. Inspired by his meditation practice, he sketched a bracelet symbolising the connection between two beings. Collaborating with a local silversmith, he brought those sketches to life, giving life to Buddha to Buddha and the brand’s first piece of jewellery. Since then, the brand has been dedicated to crafting premium jewellery using the finest materials. Buddha to Buddha creates meaningful and exceptional jewellery that resonates with individuals seeing a deeper connection to themselves and others.

Core Features of Buddha to Buddha Jewellery:

The brand’s jewellery uses a range of high-quality metals to ensure a long-lasting finish.
A chain forms the base for every design.
It takes at least 72 working hours for each piece of jewellery to be ready to be worn.
The brand produces spiritual and meaningful jewellery for both men and women.

This Chain Big bracelet is made from sterling silver.
The bracelet is known for its distinctively shaped links.
A box lock with 8 locking pieces secures the size F bracelet.
This bracelet can be perfectly combined with other Buddha to Buddha jewellery.

7.50" long, 19.0mm wide, weight 65.3gm, designer logo and hallmark, 925
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