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Frogman-Bronze Sculpture "Sunbather" by Tim Cotterill limited Edition

Frogman-Bronze Sculpture "Sunbather" by Tim Cotterill limited Edition

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Tim Cotterill (Frogman) Sunbather Frog Tim Cotterill (Frogman) Sunbather bronze yellow/black frog.
This beautiful Sunbather bronze casting frog made by Tim Cotterill (Frogman) is a rate Limited Edition being number 2586 of 5000 X273-1309-332Approx. 
Size: 3.5" x 3" x 2.25"
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Growing up in England, Tim Cotterill would roam the lush countryside in search of frogs, newts and toads. Tim was lured to Venice CA in 1990 where he began creating bronze sculptures of his favorite amphibians. He believes that each frog has a special personality and attitude – just like people.

Tim has collectors worldwide who amass wide assortments of the magical creatures. Asian cultures believe frogs are good luck, and sure enough, people swear that their fortunes have improved after adopting one of Tim’s frogs. Each frog comes with a certificate of authenticity from the artist himself.

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