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RARE Kokeshi Doll "Nachi-guroishi" Japanese Stone hand etched

RARE Kokeshi Doll "Nachi-guroishi" Japanese Stone hand etched

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RARE stone Kokeshi Doll "Nachi-guroishi " Japanese Traditional Vintage Handcraft
This is a super rare kokeshi doll. As you know, kokeshi is made of wood. But this is made of very rare stone which only can be found in Mie prefecture.
When you hold it, you can feel the texture and the weight of it.

Made of Nachi black stone.
4.5" tall.
Etched hair, face and Sakura flowers.
Sticker on the side of the doll, and some identifying stickers on the bottom, including a sticker for a hotel.
Excellent condition. No chips, scratches or damages.
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