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Victorian Etruscan Revival 15K gold Floral graduation bangle c1879

Victorian Etruscan Revival 15K gold Floral graduation bangle c1879

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This 15k gold Etruscan Revival Bracelet has delicate cannetille work done by hand. The twisted wire and granulation create a lacy pattern of swooping rope—opposite a zigzag pattern—dotted with tiny granulated balls for an added level of intricacy. Crafted with impeccable detail, even the edges of the bracelet are decorated with wirework rope, so delicate it is barely visible. There is a beautiful patina with rosy hues that makes the piece even more lovely. The handwork continues halfway down the band, and the bottom half of the band is shiny gold. The bracelet looks great on and exemplifies the ornate designs of the Etruscan Revival Era.

Etruscan Revival jewellery has a rich history. In the early 1800’s there was a large excavation of Etruscan tombs outside of Rome. Within these tombs were pieces of original Etruscan jewellery. The Etruscans were master artisans, they created breathtaking pieces of jewellery through their use of gold wire and beading. The news of the excavation of these tombs, and the treasures contained inside them, spread throughout Europe. Etruscan Revival jewellery quickly rose to popularity with the people of Victorian Era as 19th Century jewellers created their own versions of these ancient pieces.

The bracelet has no marks, but XRF for 15k gold, “ It has a hidden clasp and safety chain for added security.

The piece weighs 21.1 grammes. It is 1/2” wide and an interior of 5.75”. 

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